Activance Plus combines the full potential of vital hair nutrient Rhodanide with the powerfully nourishing molecule MSM to naturally nurture and replenish your hair and scalp.

Unfortunately your hair's Rhodanide levels are constantly depleted by many everyday stresses such as shampooing, styling, colouring, poor diet, poor health, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, menopause, ageing and sun damage. This results in hair damage, premature thinning and ageing.  Regular use of Activance Plus will result in thicker, stronger, healthier hair with youth, bounce and shine.

Recommended for those with:

  •     Fine or thinning hair
  •     Slow growing hair
  •     Coloured or damaged hair

Activance Plus is the most moisturising option in our treatment range. It’s ideal if you need to soothe coloured or damaged hair that’s frizzy, dry or hard to manage.




    • Contains no silicones, artificial colours, chemical preservatives, parabens or hidden impurities
    • Weightless, non-sticky and residue free formula
    • Suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women




    • shake the bottle well
    • Spray over scalp an hair
    • Massage in and style as usual

    For best results, use regularly and before applying other products.



    Note: Based on 50 years of scientific research and six years of clinical studies

    Activance Leave in Treatment - Plus

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